Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Haziq @ 12 mo @ 1 year

Haziq’s achievement & development
1.      Walking
Haziq can walk more stable. No more tateh tateh. His step quite fast and sometime he suddenly fell down because of his ‘speeding’. But he never gives up. He will quickly stands up and walk and walk and walk until he got tired..Onyang & Opah said, Haziq ligat macam baling, seminit pon tak tau dok diam! hahahha.. further they said when he getting bigger, he will become a very hardworking person..oooh..Mami hope so..Insya Allah..

2.     Teething
Haziq has 11 teeth, 8 incisors, 2 upper molar and another 1 teeth (lower molar) just say hi hi.. His habit of biting while bf now has slowly reduced. Maybe because of his discomfort swelling gum has gradually recovered. But once in a while when he turns ‘geram’,  his biting habit will begin again and the main victim is me, his Mami..oooohhh!!!

3.      Talking
He now can pronounce certain words which is understandable such as “nah”(when he wants to give something), “naw” (meow), “ma” (mami), “aba”(abang), “na”(nak).. He loves ‘singing’ using his own language. Every weekend at 10am he will enjoy watching Hutos the Flying House at TV alHijrah channel & then he will enjoy singing “papapapapapapa” the Hutos' theme song.. What a clever boy!!! He can also be instructed and understand simple words, example; sit down, give to mami, kick the ball, bum bum (lay down), stand up, angkat tangan, susu,cat, fish, mamam (eat), sayang mami (kiss), tepuk tangan, nyamuk etc..

4.      Learning
My lil cutie really loves books, especially my Pa&Ma, may be because of the colourful printed pages & the attractive pictures inside. He also tried to feed himself with a spoon, though he still frequently misses his mouth. The most impressed skill which always make me really proud of him is Haziq remain keep quiet for a while when he is listening to azan in TV and suddenly raised his hands like the mu’azzin. I feel like sejuk perut Mami mengandungkan Haziq tau..He also enjoyed listening to music, especially the before azan zikir at Astro Oasis  & selawat ya Hanana by shaking & moving his head & body…soooo sweet ok!! Besides, when we said “Allahu akbar” he suddenly sujud as he is performing solat. Oh Allah, please protect my child. May he always be a good muslim who is always obey Your command and keep performing his 5 times daily solat..amin.

5.     Playing
He started to change from mastering his fine motor skills to exercising his larger muscles by having fun pushing, throwing, banging and knocking everything down, giving someone his toy and take it back, putting something in the containers and dump them out. His outrageous habit nowadays is throwing anything into the trash or in the laundry basket. As happened one day, Abi misplaced his handphone. He searched for it everywhere but could not find it. Then Mami suggested him to look into the trash. Yes..it’s there!!  Hahahhahaha..what a funny!! Haziq Haziq....

6.      Sleeping
      Haziq’s bedtime since newborn until now is always easy. He will sleep all night long without meragam, Alhamdulillah (he will only wake up to df 2-3 time).. He slept as early as after Isya’ and woke up during the azan Subuh . He used to be our alarm clock actually..hehehhe.. But, as he reached 1, his waking up time now a bit late than before.. Nowadays, his waking up routine is at 7. The BIG problem is during the nap time especially when we were at home on the weekend. (if he with his aunty/opah, his nap time will be much easier & longer even he just sleeps by his own on the floor without the cradle). Therefore, after a year, Mami at last decided to buy Haziq a cradle as to make him get the nap much easier and after all Mami will get an ample time to do the housework freely..yeay!
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Mami got 'Degree' in breastfeeding!!!

Alhamdulillah..Syukur ya Rabb!! Today I have completed 12 months in bf journey my lovely Haziq. Another 12 months to go to complete the 2 years breasfeeding as recommended in alQuran.

I don't think I can go so far as I'm having a lot of problem in this bf journey. I still remember, I was unable to bf Haziq on the 1st and 2nd day because we were placed separately. I was in the postnatal ward while Haziq in the PICU Paed ward, admitted for the hypoglisemia problem. I can only see & hold him during the visit time in the afternoon and evening. At that time, I tried to bf Haziq severally, but Haziq refused. May be he was full. So, from that time I have to redha and accept the fact that my dream to exclusively bf him for the 1st 6 months has been shattered completely. 

On the 3rd until 5th day after been discharged from the postnatal ward, I stay with Haziq at his ward. My bf journey started at this point actually. During that time, Haziq needs to be fed every 3 hours and the amount of milk was 30ml to 60ml per session as the doctor wants his blood sugar level gradually reach the normal border. Once again I have to set aside my dream to fully bf him as my milk supply was still lower than his demand plus Haziq still did not know how to latch due to my flat nipple. What I did was from time to time I tried to express my milk (at that time called colostrum) using the syringe and Alhamdulillah, I manage to at least gave him a taste of my golden breastmilk.

Haziq still unable to latch perfectly until he reached 2mo. Therefore, during that time, I tried my best to express my breastmilk every 3 hours, but the collected EBM still not enough to cover his demand . Haziq drank 2-3 oz per session, 10-12 time daily, but my EBM collection per session was only 1-1.5oz..ooohhh my God!!!. Can you imagine how should I stick with my principle to fully bf him without topping up with the FM??? I'm not that cruel to my son. So, the best solution is to continue giving him the EBM and when there was lack of supply, I supplemented him with the FM. That's the best way I thought rather than simply denying his right to be breastfed..Isn't it?? 

Alhamdulillah when I backed to work, he suddenly able to latch perfectly and until now, Haziq will get my precious breastmilk directly at home and during my working hour, I  gave him the EBM which I collected in the office.

Haziq, eventhough Mami's milk production is not as rich as others, but Mami will feed you with my golden precious breastmilk as long as I am able to. May Allah let this ease and may He makbul my du'a to extend the bf journey with my lil Haziq until he reaches 2. Amin ya Rabbal 'Alamin

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

M N H is for Muhammad Nidhal Haziq

Dah lama entry ni terbiar kat draf je. Now, bersempena dgn Haziq yang dah masuk 1 year ni, Mami nak post jugak entri ni. Mami nak cerita tentang rahsia disebalik keunikan nama anakanda kesayangan Mami, Muhammad Nidhal Haziq. Bukan nak menunjuk2, jauh sekali nak berbangga, tapi sekadar coretan kenangan untuk tatapan anakanda Mami bila dah besar & dan pandai membaca nanti.

Yang sebenar2nye nama Haziq diambil daripada pangkal nama Mami & Abi. Abi=MN, Mami=NH. Kalo nak ikut betul2 kene letak pangkal nama anak MNNH, tapi macam panjang sangat la pulak. So, to make short & precise, Mami & Abi decide utk guna pangkal nama anak huruf MNH sahaja.

Kenapa Muhammad Nidhal Haziq???

Muhammad= sempena nama Rasulullah & sama pangkal nama macam Abi, cuma ejaan je lain.

Nidhal= makna dalam bahasa Arab ialah 'perjuangan'. Bagi Mami, mengandungkan & melahirkan Haziq adalah 1 perjuangan. Kenapa Mami cakap camtu?? Ada 2 sebab,yang pertama Mami & Abi berusaha macam2 untuk buat Mami mengandung. Mami pergi hospital, doctor cakap Mami ada cyst & PCOS, Mami berubat kampung, katanya Mami kena 'gangguan', payah nak mengandung sebab kalo baby tu 'jadi' je, ada 'benda' yang 'makan' janin Mami..ishhhhhh..ngeri Mami dengar. Mami puas berubat sampai lebam2 1 badan. Mami berubat dengan Doktor Homeopati, dah dikatanya Mami ada masalah hormon yang tak seimbang. Ya Allah..dugaan sungguh. Mami hampir2 nak buat treatment di LPPKN tapi Alhamdulillah belum sempat Mami buat appoinment nak jumpa doktor, Mami dah disahkan pregnant. Hadiah Hari Ibu yang sgt bermakna utk Mami bila Mami akhirnya dapat BFP pada pagi Sabtu 7.5.2011 tu..
Sebab yang kedua ialah bila mana Mami nak melahirkan Haziq. Ya Allah..sangatla mencabar jiwa dan raga. Mami menahan sakit selama 16jam semata2 nak melahirkan Haziq secara normal, tapi Allah Maha Mengetahui, akhirnya Haziq lahir 'ikut tingkap'. 
Haziq=maksudnya 'bijak,pintar,pandai'. Sudah menjadi kemestian Mami untuk menamakan anak Mami dengan nama yang ada maksud pintar & cerdik dengan harapan anak Mami nanti menjadi seorang yang bijak pandai. After all, nama kan 1 doa jugak..setiap kali nama dipanggil dengan betul, maka secara tak langsung kita akan mendoakan utk orang itu.

Macam tu la ceritanya...

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After a year being a mommy..happy 1st birthday son!!

Alhamdulillah..all praise to Allah the Almighty for giving me a chance to be a mother after being TTC for 2 years ++
There's no other words can describe of what the feeling when I was surprised with a good news (I got BIG FAT POSITIVE) on 7.5.2011. My heart blooming, smiling from ear-to-ear. I just like to crying out loud to the world!!! Syukurrrrrr!!! Allah heard our Du'a. Finally, He gave us what we dreamt for years.

My pregnancy journey ran smoothly , though I got Gestational Diabetic Mellitus (GDM) at only 13 weeks of pregnancy.  That was not a big problem for me. Day by day, week by week, month by month I enjoy my pregnancy happily. It really a precious experience having Baby inside the tummy, kicking and strecthing actively. Ohhh..I really missed that moment.

Finally on 1.1.2012 he came out to see the world. Giving birth to him was my ever hard time. At 1am when people around celebrating the New Year, I broke my water. Then followed by a really unbearable painful contraction. For 16 hours I tried to struggle myself to give birth normally, but He knows the best for me, I was later on delivered my adorarable super cute baby boy through c-section. Born at 4.02pm with 3.54kg weight and 150cm height. What a chubby lil boy!!

Now he is a big boy. Safely reach 1 year old on 1.1.2013. Still breastfeed with me, able to walk at 11.5 month-old, has 8 teeth, very energetic 'baby' boy, really make my life joyful.

Haziq, carrying you in my womb for 9 months, bringing you to the world with tears & pain, raising you up until you are now become a BIG BOY is a wonderful moment. Only He knows how deep I am in love with you. You are invaluable and precious amanah from Allah. Mami hopes Haziq will always be a good boy, good Muslim, successful in this world and hereafter.Amin..
His birthday cake, bought by Mami..but Mami gave him to taste the strawberries and the grapes only..Ready made cake have a lot of sugar, salt and preservative ingredients..not good for your immature stomach, Haziq.
Hello..hello!! His 'remote control' can be used alternately as his 'handphone'..hahhahah..

How my heart melting looking into your smiling face..ooooh my!! You soooo cute, sayang!!

Birthday gift from Abi..drive safely ha..

Enjoy his new car!! Good boy!!
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